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Our thinking patterns are like well-developed muscles. It takes time and focus to train and adjust them to new movements, new thoughts and messages.


Creativity is often simply the combination of two previously unrelated ideas, so it can indeed be enlightening to ask, “How could we apply the Uber model to our industry?”

Last week's poll question: When you take on a new role, how effective are you at quickly establishing trust with the team?

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Implementing intelligent traffic systems can help cities better understand current traffic needs and make adjustments


Leaders aren't challenged by good times; it's how they react when things aren't going well.

Learn about communication from a company where all employees must answer three questions when reviewing peers: “What is something I should start doing? Continue doing? Stop doing?”


Living in ignorance is no solution. You need to learn from your mistakes.

Public speaking

Business innovation expert Melissa Kennedy shares what what she learned from giving 29 business presentations over 30 days.

Cynicism is not the same as pessimism or skepticism. Cynicism will not bring the results or morale you seek.

Last week's poll question: Would you rather lead as a big fish in a little pond or a little fish in a big pond?


Surveys of institutions and startups alike reveal a trust gap that only transparency can begin to solve.

Women leaders

It’s time to empower the women in your organization to shed their armor and lead from their feminine center.


Every manager should be looking to help employees advance, but there's no one solution. You must approach each employee based on their specific skill set, experience and career aspirations.


So what does make a good leader, athlete or parent? The answer is a strong mind that pushes through adversity.