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Wine consumers are evolving at the same pace as today's retail consumers. How are wineries and retailers adapting?

Top 10: Bourdain's passing, IHOP’s name, Sabra's hummus

Top 10: Bourdain's passing, IHOP’s name, Sabra's hummus

RTE popcorn

The art of trendspotting is about identifying tiny real-world innovations that show the potential for scalable, behavioral use by real consumers.

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Food halls are continuing to trend across the country in cities small and large, popping up in anywhere from old bread factories to the long-vacant open markets of yesteryear.


This week’s most popular stories ran the gamut, from big news about big CPG companies to a bevy of fast food news.

Stevia lends natural sweetness to smoothies, mocktails and more
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Offering sugar-free craft beverages sweetened with stevia can help recapture sales that have slipped as consumers look to reduce their sugar intake.

Trending the rise of low- and no-alcohol beverages

Find out what's behind the popularity of low-alcohol and alcohol-free beer, wine, spirits and cocktails.

Amazon expands Whole Foods discounts

News of Amazon’s plan to extend discounts at Whole Foods for Prime members struck a chord with readers this week, as did stories from PepsiCo and Chipotle.

Cashing in on the truffle trend doesn’t have to break the bank
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Truffle flavor is trending on menus and versatile, affordable applications mean it’s not just for fine dining anymore.

Restaurants large and small are updating their operations to incorporate sustainability practices.

Plant-based meat, cold coffee and savory uses for yogurt were hot at National Restaurant Show

Plant-based meat, new takes on cold coffee and culinary uses for yogurt were three of the top trends at this year's National Restaurant Association Show.

Top 10: Campbell CEO steps down, Wendy's redesigns and Elon Musk has a candy plan

Changes at Campbell Soup, Wendy's new store design and Elon Musk's plan to enter the candy market got readers' attention this week.

casual dining

Turning the spotlight to casual dining and how the segment is adapting to evolving consumer expectations.

Independent eateries play to their strengths with service, unique concepts.

Independent eateries play to their strengths with service, unique concepts.

Cutting-edge tech emphasizes convenience, customer service

Emerging technologies such as facial recognition and robotics can help streamline operations and enhance the guest experience, panelists said during a session at The National Restaurant Association Show.