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The majority of this week’s most popular news covered the CPG and retail industries, with the breaking news earlier this week about Ferrero’s $2.8 billion acquisition of Nestle’s US chocolate business taking the most-read spot.


Bitcoinitis, Deutsche Bank playing with fire, the CFPB and 950% interest rates, WMD and the weather


People who demonstrate grace know that humility is more powerful than vanity, concern is more influential than command.

Meet our annual Educators’ Choice Content Award winners, Kerry Gallagher and Brian Sztabnik.

Emotional intelligence

Our reactions to obstacles, misfortune and adversity are often habitual rather than deliberate. A little training and awareness can help us develop the emotional intelligence we need to make smarter choices and be more succes

Chrissy Romano-Arrabito embraces social media to help students connect to classroom culture.

Beta test

Entrepreneurs offer advice on getting beta testers for your product or service.

How the Amazon Prime mindset has changed fast casual dining

Meatheads founder and chief executive Tom Jednorowicz shares tips on how restaurants can preserve the in-restaurant dining experience in the age of delivery.

Apple brings cash home

Apple brings cash home, Bloomberg crunches central bank forecasts, WEF previews Davos, and an Ode to Ronaldinho

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From site selection through planning, construction and maintenance, shopping centers are using high-resolution aerial maps as guides


Taylor Farms' CEO discusses one of the problems with growth -- finding enough talent.

Virtual success for rural schools

Four steps to setting up a winning distance-learning program in rural areas.

Last week's poll question: How willing is your organization to go above and beyond to take care of its associates?

What’s trending? From discipline to student retention, don’t miss these most-read stories.


Traits associated with emotional intelligence make for better leaders, and while these traits may seem natural and inborn, they can also be learned, fostered, developed and honed.