Prisoners plan 3-week hunger, labor strike
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Prisoners in at least 17 states plan to go on a three-week work and hunger strike to protest what they call unfair labor and wage practices. Prison officials say jobs give inmates work skills, but prisoners say that they are exploited and that low wages keep them from meeting financial obligations or paying for necessities in prison.

Students, student-teachers learn at STEM camp

More than 75 middle-schoolers participated in a free science, technology, engineering and math summer camp at a Connecticut school. The school's faculty taught the camp along with University of Connecticut education majors who gained their first student-teaching experiences in the classrooms.

US home refinancing drops as interest rates rise

Refinancing of home mortgages in the US dropped last week to the lowest level since 2000, the Mortgage Bankers Association said. Interest rates for 30-year loans have grown roughly 60 basis points since 2018 began.

Albertsons, Rite Aid face a future apart

Following a breakdown in merger plans, both Albertsons and Rite Aid must find ways to stimulate growth and economies of scale on their own, Russell Redman writes. Albertsons has some innovative ideas but also substantial cost challenges, Redman writes, while Rite Aid faces continued issues with geographic scale.

User authentication tied to medical device cybersecurity issues

MedCrypt researchers evaluated alerts submitted by medical device vendors to the Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team since 2013 and found 47 cybersecurity disclosures, with 70% of 122 vulnerabilities occurring after the FDA's December 2016 release of its Postmarket Management of Cybersecurity in Medical Devices guidance. Forty-two percent of the 85 cybersecurity vulnerabilities disclosed after December 2016 were caused by user authentication, followed by code defect, encryption, operating system, third-party library and system configuration.

Red, Michelob Ultra launch #UltraCaddieContest

Red has created the "Ultra Caddie Bag" for Michelob Ultra that features an integrated tablet, Bose Bluetooth speaker, LED lighting and a refillable beer keg that comes with a tap and pint glasses. The brand is inviting consumers to win the unique product by entering the #UltraCaddieContest on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Claire's creditor Oaktree aims to acquire the retailer

Oaktree Capital Management, a Claire's debtholder, hopes to raise $1.5 billion in time to outbid a $1.4 billion debt-for-equity bid from a lender group. The accessories retailer filed for bankruptcy protection in March and buyout bids are due by Aug. 31.

Amazon reportedly plans to launch streaming DVR device

Amazon is planning to launch a streaming DVR device that will compete with TiVo, a source says. The device -- reportedly named "Frank" by the company -- will connect to Fire TV boxes through wireless technology and record live TV that can later be streamed to a smartphone, the source says.

Salmonella-related recall of kratom products expanded

A voluntary recall was issued by Zakah Life for kratom products related to an ongoing salmonella outbreak that has sickened at least 199 people and caused 38 to be hospitalized across 41 states. The recalled Zakah products were Powerful Red Vein Bali Premium Kratom Powder, Super Green Maeng Da powder and premium kratom capsules, and Red Powder Vein Bali Kratom powder, which have expiration dates prior to Jan. 1, 2023, and were shipped across the US.

Pai: Net neutrality claims fall short

Claims that the rollback of net neutrality regulations would lead to the destruction of the internet have proved to be baseless, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai said at a Senate oversight hearing. Sen. Ed Markey, D-Mass., suggested that internet service providers were simply laying low while the rollback faces litigation, while FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel agreed that ability and incentive would eventually lead to internet fast and slow lanes.

Tangier Island in Chesapeake Bay is slowing disappearing
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Tangier Island in Chesapeake Bay faces an existential threat due to changing weather patterns that lead to rising water levels and increased erosion. The Army Corps of Engineers is planning to address erosion on the island with a $3 million jetty, and the Corps is seeking approval for a study examining the best ways to protect the island.

Caesars to cut carbon emissions by 95%

Caesars Entertainment has committed to reduce carbon emissions by 95% of 2011 figures by 2050. Meanwhile, 60% of Caesars' suppliers will set science-based emissions reduction targets by 2023, according to the company.

Mass. partnership to use storytelling with STEM

Educators in Massachusetts will soon work to create a science, technology, engineering and math curriculum that integrates storytelling and students' imaginations into lessons for middle-schoolers. Using a $1.1 million National Science Foundation grant, a school district, Springfield Technical Community College and Smith College will partner on the four-year project with the goal of being the "Harry Potter of STEM education," according to one official.

United partners with Michelin Guides

United Airlines has entered into a partnership with Michelin Guides to provide MileagePlus members access to exclusive events in New York, Washington, D.C., San Francisco and Chicago. Members can use their miles to bid on the events, which include guide launch events with cocktails and tasting stations from the new Michelin chefs of 2019.