Newton says Time's Up campaign has shunned her

Actress Thandie Newton says she has been excluded from the Time's Up movement in Hollywood, despite sharing her story of sexual abuse years ago, because she isn't "hot enough." Newton had detailed abuse from a director and had warned of a need to prepare children for danger.

Shortages loom for skilled, nondegree jobs

Data suggest a looming worker shortage in high-paying construction and other skilled trades over the next five years. Some states, such as Washington and California, are creating initiatives to increase more opportunities for students who may choose to learn job skills instead of going to college.

Trump tax law saves banks billions

President Donald Trump's tax law, signed in December, has saved the nation's six largest banks $3.6 billion in taxes in the last quarter, according to estimates from The Associated Press. Before the tax cuts, the banks paid roughly 30% of their income in corporate taxes but expect to pay close to 20% in 2018.

Auntie Anne's decks out fans in pretzel-themed garb

Auntie Anne's has launched a line of clothing, home goods and accessories called For the Love of Pretzels, with pretzel-themed original designs. The collection includes T-shirts, sneakers, blankets and throw pillows, and profits will go to the Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation.

Poll: EHR interoperability hard for 36% of medical administrators

Black Book Market Research surveyed 3,040 hospital EHR users and found that the proportion of medical record administrators who find it difficult to exchange patient health records with health care providers who use a different EHR platform dropped from 41% in 2016 to 36% this year. In addition, 30% of hospital-based physicians said health data sent between outside providers' different EHR systems cannot be trusted.

Advertisers are starting to understand Amazon's ad potential

Amazon has been ramping up its ad products and services, and more interest from advertisers is pushing up costs, such as a 128% year-over-year rise in the price of headline search ads, per Merkle. Industry executives share their thoughts on the appeal of the platform, with eMarketer's Monica Peart explaining, "Amazon almost seems like they're not advertising. To the consumer, it's, 'Oh, I searched for this, and you're trying to be helpful by showing me other options.' "

Warehouse upgrades include familiar technology for workers

Warehouses continue to look for efficiency and ways to minimize logistics problems, but they are increasingly implementing technology workers are familiar with to streamline adoption. Smartphones, for example, are something millennial workers know how to use, and they can do most tasks necessary.

Xbox One allowing more classic games to be played on console

Microsoft's Xbox One is increasing from 21 to 32 the number of original Xbox games that are compatible with the current Xbox One. By adding software-based backward compatibility to enable users to play games from several console generations back, Microsoft is generating new interest in forgotten games and increasing sales, writer Jeremy Horwitz argues.

Senate health panel to consider opioid abuse, OTC drug safety bills

The Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions is scheduled to vote today on several health care-related bills, including the Opioid Crisis Response Act, a bipartisan bill that includes measures to restrict the number of painkillers physicians can prescribe, direct research toward finding nonaddictive painkillers and prevent illegal drug trafficking. Another bill up for consideration is the Over-the-Counter Drug Safety, Innovation, and Reform Act, which would revise how over-the-counter medications are regulated and allow the FDA to collect user fees on them.

YouTube now available on Cox's Contour platform

Cox users can now easily tune in to YouTube content directly through the company's X1-based Contour platform. Subscribers can access the content through Contour's user interface and voice remote and can search the app via that remote; streamed videos will count against users' 1-terabyte data caps, the company confirmed.

PennDOT begins asphalt recycling program in rural areas

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation will have an active asphalt recycling program in rural areas of the state during the construction season. The agency is planning to work on upward of 600 miles of roads and at least 80 bridges.

Hapag-Lloyd pledges to reduce emissions by 20%

Hapag-Lloyd wants to cut carbon dioxide emissions by 20% from 2016 values by 2020. The German container shipping company has already reduced its fleet's emissions by 46% between 2007 and 2016.

United takes delivery of its first Boeing 737 MAX 9 jet

On Monday, United Airlines took delivery of its first Boeing 737 MAX 9, the first of 10 to be delivered by the end of this year. "It has better fuel efficiency, lower maintenance costs and does all of this while maximizing customer comfort," CFO Andrew Levy said of the new plane.

Legoland California opens castle-themed hotel

Legoland California in Carlsbad will open its second onsite hotel, the Castle Hotel, on Friday. Guests of the 250-room property will be greeted by a Lego wizard statue in the lobby, can eat at the Dragon's Den restaurant and sleep in knight-, princess- or wizard-themed rooms.